Saturday, 16 October 2010

Weimaraner photos and felt guinea pigs...

Today another trip across to the capital. Firstly stop was Paws Here, a pet rescue centre in Morningside. Today was their open day, which meant we got to handle some very energetic rats, stroke a few rabbits and cuddle a gorgeous lady guinea pig (don't tell the boyz!). I did my good deed and donated a dozen guinea pig Christmas tree decorations to help with their fundraising. Who wouldn't want a gp on their tree at Xmas?
Yarn lovers take note, Paws Here are having a on-line raffle with some great prizes: see ravelry. Lunch was spent surrounded by some pretty cool birdy prints from Pigeon Industries.
At the City Art Centre there are currently two photography exhibitions, the first is from William Wegman. Family Combinations is all about his weimeraners, these silky dogs trust Wegman enough to allow him to contort and pose them for the camera. The pictures are comical, sometimes absurd and the films (including some made for Sesame Street) are hilarious. But then you wonder how these dogs were trained? Do they ever rebel against their master? And isn't it slightly odd to be dressing a dog in a dress?

The other exhibition is from Edward Weston. Weston used powerful black and white photography to give new ways of viewing things. These bold images distorted my initial comprehension. What I thought was a bronze statue turned out to be a pepper, engineering parts were actually shells and steps were in fact sand dunes.

Wandering along the Royal Mile you can not help but notice the amazing buildings surrounding you. The light was still good enough to catch a couple of pictures.
Back at home, a quick practice at free motion embroidery. Using a scrap of lace that I had dyed, backed on felt, I attempted to outline the flowers, interestingly I think I prefer the back - though mind the birds nests!

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