Monday, 4 October 2010

Printing & Partying in Edinburgh

An invite over to Edinburgh meant an excuse to check out some galleries. Off we went to Edinburgh Printmakers - a working studio, shop & gallery.
The exhibition was entitled 3D 2D: Object and illusion in print, from the centre for fine print research in Bristol. With 3D printing it seems the possibilities are endless, structures can be created that would be near impossible to create with other mediums. This film was being shown which explains the processes of printing 3D. The beautiful thing about this gallery, is that you look over the workspace below.
After this we popped along to The Royal Scottish Academy to look at New Works.
I particularly enjoyed the Health and Safety video by Anthony Schrag, taking urban climbing to its peak in Huntly. Getting in to the Halloween mood, we stopped off for a refreshment at the Jekyll and Hyde, cue playing with the food menus and admiring the bottles of strychnine.
After all this frivolity, it was time for some good food & some not so good dancing!

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