Monday, 18 October 2010

Quick! Urgent educational materials!!!!

I had to laugh this morning when my Understanding Western Art course arrived from the OCA, as the box was labelled URGENT EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS. I wonder if the postman ran up the stairs after seeing that message. He was probably a little disappointed to see that the person whom this very urgent package was going to, was still in their dressing gown at 10am. I'm sure I looked like someone who was not going to be doing anything in a hurry!

Well, I have now dissected my package, ordered new books (thank you Amazon marketplace) and spent some time trying to get to grips with the new OCA student website. Actual learning time = none. Though I did managed to find a music video that might possibly be coursework...

Yesterday I was filling my sketchbook with work on the theme of layers. Firstly layers of metallic paint and pen over an ink background.
Skeleton leaves layered over watercolour bird silhouettes and a twee bird stamp.
And finally metallic paints over an ink wash, over crayon and oil pastel.


  1. Quick! Someone is in urgent need of education! Hehe. How have you found OCA so far? I was thinking of doing a course with them.

  2. Hello! I have just completed Textiles 1: a creative approach with them. I really enjoyed it and learn lots. Distance learning isn't for everyone, but it suits my life at the mo. :)