Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Today I am sharing samples that I wasn't initially happy with. Having been cast aside for a while, I tried adding something to them. Hopefully a change for the better. For once, less isn't more. Firstly green painted tyvek (a remnant from this), changed to blue and then metallic paints added.
After a quick iron, I think it has transformed into a moth.
A red and yellow silk painting sample, was machine stitched, and then black oil pastel, red ink and metallic paint added. Has it become a short circuit?
A chocolate brown flower card, tries to become bronze with the help of acrylic paint.
An ink sample, is covered with oil pastels, scratched into, flooded with red ink, and then the pastel removed. An alternative flag?
It hasn't just been samples today, I have been in search of some Greek Art for UWA, more of that tomorrow. But for now, here is a friend I made on the way!

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