Monday, 25 October 2010

Dreamscapes and doodles...

Yesterday was the fourth episode of The Genius of British Art on channel 4. Sir Roy Strong introduced landscape art, and discussed how land (and its ownership) is important in the English psyche. After all, an Englishman's home is his castle. I can understand this notion, as an English person living in Scotland, living in a flat is lovely, but I do dream of one day having my own flight of stairs and little garden (though probably not the white picket fence).

The program introduced me to Samuel Palmer (1805-1881), who was heavily influenced by Blake.
Early Morning - Samuel Palmer
Beautiful intricate dreamscapes, secret natural worlds, full of mystique.
The Magic Apple Tree - Samuel Palmer
Unfortunately Palmer was largely forgotten after his death, and much of his work was destroyed by his son. This makes Palmer's work all the more mystical.
The Flock and Star - Samuel Palmer
Meanwhile I was been making my sewing machine angry, by stitching into some lightly painted watercolour paper. I like the delicate doodles of stitch, and how shadows catch the loose threads.

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