Monday, 19 April 2010

Disperse dyes day

On Saturday I went to a 'Transfer Magic' day course led by Maggie Murray, of the Scottish Embroidery Tutors. I have the enormously valuable Complex Cloth book by Jane Dunnewold, but I admit disperse dyes are something that I have never tried.
First things first, I soon discovered that the colour you paint on layout paper will become much brighter when it is ironed on to fabric! You can get 3-4 prints from each paint paper, though there are no guarantees that the results will be the same! Skeleton leaf resists produce beautiful, delicate patterns.
I also explored stencils, on plain and printed backgrounds.
It is interesting how the colours appear brighter on different synthetic fabrics.
By the time I came home on Saturday night, I was full on enthusiasm, and desperate to start stitching on my many samples!
I began by adding small stitches to a fern resist print on some acrylic felt. I think it still needs more; maybe beads or a felt flower?

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  1. I love transfer dyes. They can be subtle too. If you use ordinary printer paper and do washes it gets quite wet and buckles which gives lovely textures.