Friday, 2 April 2010

Kingfishers & knitted hearts

I've found myself drawn to Kingfishers, these distinctive birds have beautiful vibrant blue and orange markings. Luckily for me they are this months coverstars on BBC Wildlife magazine, so many pictures to gaze over!
I've been trying to match their colours using a variety of materials...
Watercolours - not quite catching the vivid orange.
Drawing Inks, including adding a silver, to see if that would help with the shimmer.
And Promaker pens, quick and fun to use.

I have also finished one of my many ongoing knitting projects! An art student is attempting to cover a disused building in Limerick with 3,000 knitted A4 patches. Once the project is completed it will be turned into blankets for a local charity project. See here for more info. Any excuse to attempt to use up some of my wool stash. In lurid brights I made three patches for the project. Including one very cute heart taken from Stitch 'n Bitch.

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