Monday, 26 April 2010

Cranes and Kingfishers

Today's post is inspired by paper. Samples of blue papers were sponged with acyclic paints, these were then cut in to strips to create a silhouette of a kingfisher. Bright and bold.
I am enjoying exploring the colours of a kingfisher, but feel I need to look at creating texture. I am particularly interested in the textures created by the layering of feathers on the wing and back. Here there are many different colours are seen, all pouring over each other. I was reminded of origami chains. There is an ancient Japanese legend that anyone who folds one thousand paper cranes will be granted a wish. These are then usually strung in 25 strands of 40 cranes. The cranes lay on top of each other creating an amazingly rich texture. I thought I'd have ago at creating a crane, not perfect I know!
I really liked the shape of the crane base (which is interestingly also the base for some other birds). I wondered if I could layer these over each other?
Also how would this work with fabric? I used an iron to help fold the fabric (and also burn my thumb!). Maybe some small stitches might help keep it in place?
I quite like how some of the seams fray, and how my folds are not entirely straight. I wonder if there is another way to create this texture?

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  1. I love your colours and feather ideas. Have you tried pleating? If you pleat on the bias you can achieve an interesting curve which resembles a birds wing and if you use sheers and layer them.......... Have fun playing anyway!