Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A milestone!

So 15 years ago I used to really enjoy painting, especially with acrylics. That 15 year old me decided to follow a science path and ditched the brushes. Fast-forward some years, some pretty major life experiences, and a fair amount of 9-5 working, and I'm back on the art trail. I've been doing textiles 1 with the OCA for almost two years (my deadline is looming), and all the way along blank paper has intimidated me. Empty white sheets of A3 or A4 (and even A5!) taunt me, so I fill them in bite-sized chunks, not wanting to commit to doing one large thing over all the space. That is until now.

I have achieved my first A4 (got to start somewhere!) acrylic painting, with paint to the edges and everything! It is certainly not the best painting known to man, and won't be winning any prizes, but I'm happy that I persevered (as I was so tempted to throw it away a few times!). Hopefully will be the start of a new way of working with blank spaces! So here it is, my kingfisher...


  1. Good for you! Don't be too hard on yourself, it is a beautiful kingfisher and I know that I could not do what you have done. My drawings & paintings all have a cartoonish feel to them. Appreciate the talent you have and keep on painting!

  2. Its lovely. I like the colour graduation in the background and you have the shape just right.Like the way you did the feathers too.You have hidden talents there. I am still daunted by a sheet of blank paper!