Friday, 1 July 2011

There is something fishy going on...

The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses are currently having a knautical knitting project, as part of the fish exchange with Deirdre Nelson. I decided to join in the fun and create a fish.
Those with eagle eyes will notice that fish photo shoot involves a bread knife - as vegetarians we don't own a fish knife! This was the pattern I created for my fish, using double knit wool and stockinette stitch. Start knitting at the tail by casting on 32 stitches. For increases I used pfb and kfb, for decreases k2tog and p2tog.
The fish outsides don't look too fish shaped, due to them curling up, but once sewn together and stuffed, it becomes a beast! My fish measures approximately 47cm x 17cm. Earlier on in the week we went on a boat trip around the Farne Islands, I'm sure some of these birds and seals would appreciate such a large fish - however I'm not sure the stuffing would taste that great!


  1. Brilliant! :-D You clearly have a very methodical mind - love the diagram! And I lol'd at the knife..

  2. Thanks!

    If only I had a methodical mind all the time! :)

  3. great fish knitting and photographs!
    well done