Sunday, 3 July 2011

A day on Lindisfarne...

Lindisfarne is a very special place. So rich in history, and so very pretty too.
As well as looking at the fine scenery, I was on the look out for textiles. In the Lindisfarne centre was a quilt by Joan Tunstall, depicting a page from the Lindisfarne gospels.
Within Lindisfarne castle, some fantastic textiles, and a very fetching original William Morris sofa.
Also on the island I couldn't help but notice some sheep, who seemed rather relieved that they had lost their woolly coats. Now I wonder if the fleece is off to make something special?


  1. Glad you are enjoying Northumberland. If you are looking for textiles and are in the vicinity of Alnwick you might like to look in at the exhibition by a group called It Happens. I saw their last exhibition and loved it and I am sure this will be as good if not better. More info here
    If you come futher south to Allendale you would enjoy Allendale Forge Studios which is full of all things arty and crafty. It is the new building in the square - you can't miss it!
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Pat

  2. Really lovely old textiles that you've shared. Thanks so much. Makes the 105 F. heat bearable--of course I'm hugging the AC!
    best, nadia