Monday, 4 July 2011

An ode to silliness...

On ravelry in the British Knitters group there was a thread regarding the new Astounding Knits book (see ten projects here). A few people felt that this did nothing to inspire knitters, that this kind of thing gave knitting a bad name and that they disliked knitting with no practical use. I for one, am just the opposite. Life can be pretty tough and harsh at the best of times. So I am all for a little bit of silliness or whimsy. I think these projects do inspire, they help to push the boundaries of what you can do with needles and yarn. And to the idea that they have no practical use, they do have function - they may make us laugh and think. Surely these are important? Being a little silly is very important. I for one, have spent the weekend using my knitted fishy as an air guitar or kipper tie (thanks to mr crafty for being my model).
Watched jousting and seen a little medieval craft.
And finished reading issue six of oh comely magazine. A magazine that describes itself as 'about people and their quirks and creativity, rather than money and what it can buy'. What a nice sentiment, now if only the rest of the world was like that.

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  1. I always knew there was something fishy about mr crafty!