Monday, 23 May 2011

A Coptic Cavy

This weekend I went on a coptic weaving course at Stirling Castle with the lovely Louise Martin. Coptic weaving was great fun and I particularly liked learning how to make loops and different joins.
It was my first attempt at using a linen warp (rather than my usual cotton). I am finding that I have a tendency to warp up quite tight, and I soon learnt that the linen was not quite so forgiving - leading to some rather sore fingers! Leading on from the coptic sample, I decided on a design. Inspired by images of coptic rabbits, I settled on a guinea pig. I realise that guinea pigs were on the wrong continent for coptic weaving, but I like this mishmash. Also as guinea pigs have much smaller ears and generally a big round squidgy body, I think they will be easier to weave!
Here is my progress with the gp template from my guinea pig Christmas tree decorations - I just knew that template would come in handy one day! Speaking of squeaky beasts, our new boys now have names, Mark and Jeremy (of Peep Show fame), and a new cozy bed.


  1. It looks brilliant so far. I once did a very basic kind of weaving at school when I was about 7, would really like to try it again. I really admire freeform skills like embroidery and weaving; as someone who's mostly a follow-the-pattern cross stitcher, it's fascinating! :)

  2. I really like the weaving! I am always so impressed with people who weave, it takes so much patience! Your new GP's are ADORABLE- or shall I say handsome! :)