Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A feel good phone story

I once had a very sad phone. Its cover was boring and black, scratched and scuffed.
The phone being very clever, and full of internets and wizardry, told me about a new magazine called Mollie Makes.
The phone knew that the magazine had a special free gift - all the things you needed to make a very pretty phone cover. The phone set to work, hinting that maybe I should make this cover.
After all even birds wearing berets made this cover.
The phone knew that I liked felt, bright colours and buttons - so it didn't take long to persuade me. So I set to work, adding purple felt and using pinking shears. Everyone knows that pinking shears are far superior in the scissor world and not just because of their rather grand name, but because of their perfect zig-zag ridges.
Now the magazine provided a button and a nice button it was.
However the phone wanted the button to be more than just nice, it wanted it to be perfect. It tried out many buttons before deciding on its favourite.
The phone then supervised the stitches, making sure they were not too long, not too short, but just right.
And then when it was all finished, the phone popped inside to try it out.
Now my phone is much happier, in its cozy cute cover. Thank you Mollie Makes!


  1. Cute! I'm really regretting not getting in on the MollieMakes action... issue 1 seems sold out of pretty much everywhere. :(

    Also, I have that CK needlecase. :)

  2. The blogsphere seems to have gone a little MMakes crazy! They are doing a £5 for 3 editions offer if you are interested. My phone is certainly glad I got a copy!