Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Crafts in the East Midlands

At the weekend we went down south and saw this beautiful swan on the way.
A trip to Sleaford took us to the hub, where there was an exhibition of the best craft and design talent in the East Midlands.
Delicate floral stitching from Kumi Middleton.
Porcelain origami from Michelle Arieu.
Organic swirling willow forms from Laura Ellen Bacon.
Textured fused glass from Ann Povey.
Using acrylic as a construct for weaving from Jennie Merriman.
And an ethereal flowing headdress from Sarah Cant. Also in the hub I found a very detailed knitted version of the local church.
In the local mill I found some more traditional crafts - some corn dollies.
I remember attempting to make these at primary school. I think that it is a pagan custom to make a corn dolly with the last sheaf of cut corn to please the corn spirits and to ensure a good harvest each year. There is a Guild of Straw Craftsmen to try to keep this craft alive.

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  1. Absolutely fantastic shot - glad I can follow your blog.