Sunday, 1 May 2011

Moving the goal posts...

The Op Art baby blanket is coming along. 29,000 stitches down, only 9,000 more until it is at the finish of the smaller size. So far this project has been quite easy. Admittedly the first couple of rows were fiddly, but now it seems plain sailing.
Increase at the stitch markers, alternate knit and purl each row. It is one of those knits you can squeeze in a bit here and there. You can do half a row and put it down, come back a while later and carry on - all without even checking the pattern. You can knit it on the bus, on the sofa, at the Yarn Cake or at Glasgow Central Stitch'n'Bitch.
With this in mind, I have decided to continue knitting to the bigger size. I think a baby would soon grow out of the smaller size, a larger blanket could be used in the toddler years, and then could be used as a throw or lap blanket thereafter. So there, I have moved the goal posts.
From an aim of 38,364 stitches to 99,012. And then once I reach that number of stitches, all I will need to cast off the 888 stitches on my needles and weave in the ends. Doesn't that sound simple? So now it is 29,000 stitches down, only 70,012 to go...

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