Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Guinea Pig Christmas Tree Decoration Tutorial

For any Christmas Tree to be complete it needs a decoration of a guinea pig or two!
Here is how you can make your own. Firstly you will need a model. Luckily I have McLaren.
Secondly you will need:
  • felt sheets in guinea pig colours
  • threads in the same colours
  • scissors
  • card to make a template
  • tailors chalk
  • a small piece of red ribbon
  • toy stuffing
  • one button (for the eye - usually black or red for gps!)
  • one small bell
Firstly cut out a template on your card of a guinea pig side on, remember they have big bums & noses, and a little dip midway on their backs.
Using this template cut out two shapes on felt of the main guinea pig colour, these are your front and back.
You will also need an felt ear (guinea pig ears are almost cornflake shaped), a button for the eye, any other markings the guinea pig has can be made in felt.
Arrange these on top of one of your main guinea pig shape, and when you are happy, you can start sewing them on.
To save time in the long run I only sew the inside edge of the felt shapes initially (as when I come to sew the outside line I attach the backing piece).
Then pin the back piece on and sew around the outside. Leave the dip in the guinea pigs back till last, this is where you will hang the ribbon. When you have almost sewn all the way round, and reached the dip in the back, sew in a loop of red ribbon (with the ends nicely tucked inside the piggie). Ensure that this is securely fastened with some extra stitches.
On top of these extra stitches sew the little bell. Now in the small gap that remains add the stuffing. I find it easier if I cut the stuffing in to small pieces and stuff in with a crochet hook.
Ensure that your piggie is looking well fed and sew the final stretch. Now your guinea pig is ready to be hung up!The likeness is pretty good if I do say so myself!
Use different coloured felts and markings as per your guinea pig.
A word of warning, other guinea pigs, such as Godber, can get extremely jealous that they haven't got a felt doppelganger and start to eat the ribbon!


  1. I LOVE these. A friend saw this and forwarded it to me. I have a totally rotten "studio" pig of my own. She really keeps me company. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love guinea pigs! they are so cute! I featured this tutorial on my blog here: http://punkprojects.blogspot.com/2010/12/make-it-monday.html

    xo, Katie

  3. I just finished one! A friend of mine sent this link to me, because I have a guinea pig. His name is Machu Picchu, after the area where guinea pigs originated: the Andes Mountains in Peru.

  4. MusicalGirl2311 - that is brillant, I would love to see your finished piggie. Great name for a gp btw!

  5. So cute! Love guinea pigs. :) If only I still had a model...

  6. Awww so cute the last picture looks just like one of my piggys!

    Off to have a looksee around your blog now!

  7. Excellent, we've had lots of small furry rescues, might try this myself 1 day. P.S. Am I t only bloke 2 view this!? Sas ;]