Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Avoiding the rain...

My plans were to go in to town and visit a neoclassical building for UWA. However, the weather was awful, (to the point I would have probably needed a boat rather than a bus to get there). Instead I stayed indoors and decided to finish a few projects instead. One herringbone rib sock down, one more to do.
Eccentric weaving off the loom, inspired by starbursts and zig-zags.
And a cute deer sketch based on a Greek bronze from 725-700 BC.
Hopefully the rain will stop soon!

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  1. Thank you for visiting my uni blog :) I start my knitting week for my textiles in practise a week tomorrow. My gran used to knit socks for my granddad but I never inherited any of her talent for knitting! Dare I say it but we'll be using machines, I've had a morning workshop on how to use the machines so far and made some beautiful patterns - think print might be more my thing - we'll see :)