Thursday, 4 November 2010

First Thursday...

As it was the first Thursday of the month, we thought we would swing by Trongate 103 for their late night opening. In the print studio were some very vibrant works by Abigail McLellan. Flowering, pretty images, reminding me of the best days of Spring. With rich, textured backgrounds due to layers of colour delicately balanced on each other. I took a leaflet to read later.
Abigail McLellan - Alliums
It was when I got home and paid more attention to the leaflet, that I discovered Abigail McLellan died last year, aged just 40, see here.
Abigail McLellan - Pink Sea Fan
Interestingly I think she worked in the studio nearby. Despite her continued illness her work seems so beautiful, tranquil and happy. There will hopefully be a large scale retrospective of her work in 2012.

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