Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Getting strapped in...

The weekend was spent on a 'supplementary warp' weaving workshop at the magnificent Stirling Castle. The view on Saturday morning was just beautiful.
The workshop was led by the very talented Louise Martin. Supplementary warps create 3-D structures with endless possibilities. Actually creating the supplementary warps - well that is the tricky part! They are made by using yourself to provide the tension for the extra warps, instead of a frame. This involves a using a rod or cane and a back strap. It took a little time to get used to such a set up!
We also learnt how to create smaller supplementary warps using fingers to create loops to needle weave. The result from both these methods is fluid structures appearing from the base, taking on quite organic forms.
Both my samples remain on the loom, as the problem with these extra warps is that they need to be sewn in for stability, so I must find some time for that dull job! I have also joined the British Tapestry Group in the hope that this inspires me to get weaving!

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