Monday, 14 June 2010

Eccentric weaving...

I spent the weekend on an 'eccentric weaving' course in the grand surroundings of Stirling Castle, tutored by the very talented Louise Martin. It was great fun allowing the threads to create curves, and not worrying about the maths of it all! I produced two samples, the first is this petrol blue one, I like the curved line running across it.
The second, is much brighter (!) and not quite finished, I shall save showing you until it is. If you are interested in tapestry and are in the area, this week is Forth Valley Open Studios, in which Louise is taking part. Also a noble cause to mention is ripple, artists helping raise funds for the animal victims of the deep water horizon gulf oil spill.

1 comment:

  1. lovely curves! Interesting comment about the maths - I couldn't work out from the book I was using for tapestry how much it matters if you lose track of the number of rows in each colour when you're only weaving partway across.

    One day I will go on one of those courses!