Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Tyvek trials

As I work my way through the various exercises in the Fabric Manipulation module, I find myself trying new techniques and materials. I brought some Tyvek to have a play around with. This curious material is used within the building industry, and looks like a heavy white paper. It can be painted, printed or sewn upon. When heat is added it creates interesting and unique effects. I painted a sheet with acrylic paint and then ironed on a low heat (and a sheet of greaseproof paper to protect!). Initially the Tyvek had subtle changes and then all of a sudden... a complete distortion of shape and texture! I'm sure using a heat gun may allow a better control of the changes. I then added a few stitches to the Tyvek using embroidery thread.
How do other people find using Tyvek? Any tips for use?

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