Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Quilting & YoYos

I have just had a very productive afternoon (it is so nice when that happens!) finishing my quilting samples. Firstly a hand quilted flower sample using a piece of polyester wadding sandwiched between two pieces of white cotton. Basting stitches where first added to stop movement, the flower shape sewn in running stitch, then surrounded by stippling, finally the basting stitches removed. The overall effect is subtle, pretty and time consuming!
Then a shadow quilting sample. I loosely tacked small shapes of nets and transparent materials onto a piece of white cotton. This was placed on a piece of wadding backed by cotton, and on top a piece of sheer salmon pink fabric; this was then all basted together. I then outlined the shapes with running stitch. This method produces a more muted effect compared to applique.
Finally, some Suffolk puffs or YoYos (depending on which side of the Atlantic you are on). These cuties are simple to make and create great shapes when joined together. They are perfect for using up scraps of material and would be a good starting point for making brooches.
Now, after all this hand sewing I am in desperate need of some hand cream!!!


  1. I liked looking through your blog and really enjoyed the Shetland photos - it looks wonderful

  2. Loved the hand quilted flower,and ,yup,it sure does look time consuming.

  3. great samples, I love the way the fabrics overlap in the shadow quilting, and the quilted flower is wonderful

  4. Hello,
    Thanks so much for your comments.x
    I love suffolk puffs they will look great as brooches.
    Michala x