Wednesday, 29 July 2009

And relax...

I have been sooooo busy of late; frantic some might say. It's that darn day job getting in the way of all my play :(

On the positive side I have finally finished my next project for Textiles 1 and will put the HUGE envelope in the post on Friday morning. The final piece was to try to combine a sketch with the fabric manipulation techniques learnt. I used one of the windows from Sweetheart Abbey with furrowing and shadow quilting techniques. This really exaggerates the window spaces, by creating such volume. I like the delicate mystical effect.

I have also been making the effort to drag myself out of bed early on a Sunday morning to pop along to my local knitting group. I'm working on the Stanwyck Pullover by Nancy Griffin, though am so far stuck in the world of rib. Maybe I'll be there by Christmas?


  1. Love the window.
    Looks reallly stunning but bet it took ages to create.

  2. Cheers! Yes it did take ages, it makes me certainly admire 'real' quilters!