Monday, 13 July 2009

Flags, Fraying and Folding

Just back from the wonderful T in the Park, had a great time but am now so very tired! Among the many things happening at the festival was a flag installation in the main arena by Angus Watt. These beautiful flags in various hues and differing designs looked stunning in the sunshine!
Back to my OCA work... at the end of last week I was playing around with tearing, slashing and fraying. Firstly a sample of these techniques using different fabrics. It is interesting to note how much effort was needed to pierce and tear some fabrics compared to others; and how some fray much more easily.
I also painted a piece of pongee 6 silk in bright colours, and then manipulated it. A black background really makes the frayed edges stand out.
Finally I have been folding stripy fabric to try to 'hide' a colour and trick the mind in to thinking it is all pink. I was tempted to add a hidden message to the white stripes for peeking eyes only! This reminded me of some cushions I had seen by Showpony, at first glance these are covered in a pretty floral pattern, but on closer inspection there are bugs lurking!

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