Sunday, 14 April 2013

It's ok...

Spring is here.
My new hat is on the needles.
It is mont-royal by tshep.  I can't think of this hat, without humming 'Don't falter' by Mint Royale.
I am continuing my yarn destash, and using some Sirdar Majestic that I was given for this hat. 
Also I have a rather bright green crochet project on the go, for a very special Craftbomb - more details coming soon!


  1. I love 'Don't Falter', what a great sunshiney tune. I'm having a little hum along with you now :-)

  2. It's hard to believe you still have yarn to destash after your blanket!

    1. Yes, there is plenty different weight yarn to get through!

  3. Oooh that's awesome that you're doing a craftbomb! I am a big, huge fan of yarn bombing. =)