Monday, 22 April 2013

Doon the watter

On a very sunny Saturday we went, where millions have went before, doon the watter to the Isle of Bute.
I finished my mont-royal/Mint Royale hat the night before, and took it on the trip.  However it must be said that on the first warmish day of Spring, a 100% wool hat is probably unnecessary!
The hat is very cosy and the pattern very well written.  The yarn was some Sirdar Majestic that I had been given, as is probably older than I am.  There were a number of breaks in the yarn, which was rather annoying, but hey, it was free so nevermind.
Bute was fantastic.
We went on a tour of the extremely fancy Mount Stuart.
A wander round Rothesay castle, where we saw some herring gulls who were happy to pose for photographs.
And also a very pretty swan nest by the castle moat.
One other reason to love Bute, is that it has the best name for a local newspaper ever.

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