Monday, 30 January 2012

C'est fini #2

I finished my second Opt art baby blanket, all 99,012 stitches of it. I added my daily tally of knitting to my spreadsheet of the previous blanket, to compare how I got on.
The purple line is the previous blanket, and the orange line this blanket. This is a great project to do in winter (rather than summer time as previously), as it makes a great lap warmer! I did have a slight issue, when on day 51 I ran out of yarn. I really couldn't understand this, as I used exactly the same yarn as last time. So a small knitting panic ensued; involving rushing after work to one knitting shop only to leave empty handed, diverting on the way to a gig to another yarn shop, and then only when I was so happy to have a ball of Sirdar Snuggly in my hands, did I realise that the concert tickets were left at home!*
It did eventually dawn on me as to why I needed more wool, as I realised that I had used 5mm needles instead of 4mm. Yes, I am one of those people who never does a gauge swatch. The whole blanket took 53 days to knit (average rate 1869 stitches per day), however I only actually knitted on 37 days (so the true average is 2676 stitches per day). It took 2 days longer than my previous Op Art blanket, but this can be explained on the knitting trauma of having to buy an extra ball of wool. I knitted on more days than previously (37 vs 32), though the average number of stitches achieved daily, was lower (3094 vs 2676), this is explained by me having slightly less TV watching time (which is when most of my knitting occurs) as I have two jobs at the moment.
*Panic over, after a quick drive back along the M8 to pick up our Cornershop tickets, we manged to miss only a little of the support act - phew!


  1. Wow. This is pretttyy! I wish I could knit so skilfully too. I always wanted to make pretty gloves for myself. I knit so poorly. :(

  2. Totally cool blanket! I just started my first project with "wool"..I usually make summer stuff, so I like cotton, linen and silk blends. Wool does feel nice on the needles:) Laurel