Thursday, 9 June 2011

C'est fini!

The Op Art baby blanket is finished! All 99012 stitches of it, at roughly 110cm square.
As the pattern calls for an increase of 4 stitches each row, my inner geek created a spreadsheet so that I could keep track of my progress. Column 1 contained the number of stitches in each row (n+4), column 2 was the cumulative total and column 3 to add the date I achieved that row. And now I can plot a graph of stitches vs time!
Beautiful! The whole blanket took 51 days from cast on to cast off (average rate 1940 stitches per day). However, I only actually knitted for 32 of those 51 days (a Trekky has to rest you know), so my true average is 3094 stitches per day.
I enjoyed this knit, the pattern was very well written and easy to follow. The first couple of rows were fiddly, but after that it was nice and easy. I used 3 pink stitch markers to tell me when to increase, and a blue stitch marker to tell me to increase and switch stitch (from knit to purl or vica versa).
It was a great TV knit, as you can stop at any point in the row with no stress. As well as in front of TV, this blanket was knitted on the 42 bus, at the Yarn Cake, at Glasgow Central Stitch 'n' Bitch, on the train to Helensburgh, whilst listening to A Playful Day podcast, whilst going along the M74 (I was in the passenger seat) and even whilst watching the Eurovision song contest in Lincolnshire.
And this is just the start of this blanket's adventure, as it is now off to Berlin!


  1. So super and wonderful! Beautiful knitting

  2. I admire your patience, and the graph is great. I did some sun prints a couple of years ago and have all the chemicals, but we didn't seem to have any sun for a couple of years- should have another go, but life is just too short. Its good to be silly isn't it?

  3. Wow, great to see the results of your patience and hard work. Love the way the pattern curves.

  4. Love this! The colours are gorgeous!