Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Crochet after the rabbit hole...

After a weekend spent Doune the Rabbit Hole, I was pretty darn tired.
Some easy crafting was needed. I managed to get some crochet squares done for Homemade Hugs. They are collecting 8x8 inch squares (knit or crochet) to make blankets to send to Japan to help people affected by the earthquake and tsunami. They hope to send the blankets to a children's charity, see here for more details.
I get quite confused about crochet stitches and patterns. Probably due to the fact that the stitches have different names each side of the Atlantic. Using my trusty stitch directory (a wonderful charity shop purchase) I am determined to finally get these stitches remembered.
I think the key is that British stitches should sound one step longer than the equivalent American stitch. So a double crochet in the UK is actually a single crochet in America. I think anyhow!?!

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  1. I'm a self-taught crocheter from online tutes - and it took me AGES to figure out the transatlantic thing. I kept thinking I'd gone wrong *again*. I'm still hopelessly confused so it's probably just as well I don't use patterns. I like the idea of the hugs for Japan.