Monday, 10 June 2013

Adventures in cables...

 I had been wanting to knit more items with cables, however not being particularly proficient with cable needles, and not having quite as many arms as an octopus, I decided to start somewhere simple.  I picked Blue Blanket by LondonLeo for a friend's new arrival.
This pattern has blocks of cable, moss stitch and garter stitch, which together look very impressive, although is actually quite simple to do.  It is a two row repeat, with a cable needle required every tenth row, and you just knit until you are finished (or run out of yarn).  This project also uses a K1B stitch, that is to knit a stitch into the stitch below (essentially dropping a stitch).  This results is quite a prominent line either side of the cable section.
I am quite happy with how this turned out, and this has given me confidence to try some more adventurous cable patterns.  The ravelry details with yarn info are here.  Does anyone have any suggestions of easy cable patterns to try next?

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