Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Where is the bear?

Back in November I had a try at illusion knitting.  I had thought it was going to be very complex, but was much easier that I thought.  That is thanks to the excellent tutorial from Woolly Thoughts and some stitch markets (stitch markers are your friend in illusion knitting).  I chose a teddy bear pattern from Woolly Thoughts for a friends baby, some Sirdar Snuggly, and got to work.
The blanket took about 3 weeks, including the border.  Full details on how I did the border my ravelry project page.  The blanket is very cute, who would have thought that knit and purl could create such a great illusion.  And the bear will be perfectly seen from a baby's-eye-view.  I had a little yarn spare, so added a simple baby hat by Allison Williams, with added teddy bear ears (obviously!).
And also some cute booties.  These are Seamless Baby Booties by Laura Yarnthrower.
These were all good fun to knit, and I would certainly like to try more illusion knits.  Ps) Apologies for the dull lighting in the photographs, roll on Spring!


  1. What a fun blanket! If only I were a knitter. LOL The hat and booties are the icing on the cake. GREAT work.

  2. Aww lovely! I haven't tried illusion knitting yet, but it looks like fun.
    Your pictures look really good actually and that green is very spring-like! And the hat is *so* cute :-).

    1. Thank you! My current photography strategy is take lots and lots of pictures, and hope for the best!

  3. Trekky, My adoration. This blanket is wonderful. How well the bear can be seen! And all your knitting is perfect. And now I remember: I got the idea for the woollen blanket from you. On my next post I will link back to your blog. Thank you for visiting and commenting
    on the quilt lines. It will advance now that my machine is back on my desk.

  4. Awe - the blanket is super adorable and then you show us booties to match!?! :) I'm on cute overload now. Thank you :) Great way to start the week! ;) Nice job and wonderful attention to detail! :)♥ Dawn

  5. Great work, the hat and boots indeed finish it off. I'm currently trying to knit this blanket however in the pattern they fail to say the type of wool (bulky weight etc) or the gauge desired. I am an experienced knitter and still find this information necessary. I don't think the pattern is difficult (having done many difficult patterns and even developed some of my own) but this could discourage less experienced knitters. I checked up on the type of wool you used, what size kneedles and guage did you use? Still great work!