Tuesday, 19 February 2013


With the ten-stitch blanket still being worked on, I was looking for smaller, more portable projects. I picked a variety of toppers for Easter eggs and started to knit.  Firstly, Eggheads by Emily Ivey.
These are very cute, and very quick to knit.  There are three different hats to knit, and they look great topped with a tiny pompom.  These fit a Cadbury cream egg, or a medium hens egg.  Next I knitted a rabbit egg cozy by Linda Dawkins.  The ears are adorable.  The finished cozy is slightly bigger that the Eggheads pattern, and will fit a large hens egg or a Kinder egg.
They will also fit a guinea pig.  Here is Jeremy auditioning for a role as the Easter Bunny.
Finally, I knitted fuzzy Easter bunny egg warmers from Drops. These are knitted using two strands, scrap acrylic and a mohair-look yarn.
I then added felt eyes and nose.  They are very sweet!  These toppers with cover an egg completely, and they will stand up by themselves.
Are you knitting anything for Easter?


  1. Trekky! The "eggcellents" are soooo funny and cute. - And thanks for coming by on my blog.
    The woollen "winter" blanket - it is really warm while being on my lap. I will knit till I run out of wool. It is 50 cm square by now. Wonder how much I will be able to do. After all I can always buy more material.

    1. Thanks for your comment. My blanket is now over a metre, and I am attempting to try to get it finished by the end of the month - wish me luck!

  2. Up until now I didn't think of knitting anything for easter, but these eggcosies are so cute and a great idea for a small easter gift basket! Thanks for posting this. :-)

    1. Thank you for popping by. These are super quick knits, and a good stash buster!