Monday, 17 September 2012

Weaving Rubbish

Fruit and vegetable shopping can be an ethical minefield.  Do I buy the loose apples flown from the other side of the world, or the local apples wrapped in plastic?  The loose bananas, with nature's natural packaging of a banana skin, or the fairtrade bunch of bananas wrapped in plastic?  It is difficult, and I'm not sure there are any easy answers.  After a trip to the supermarket, I realised I had all of this packaging just from fruit.
It was quite scary when I put it all together.  Instead of throwing this all away, I used it to weave a tapestry for the British Tapestry Group 'Off the Loom' workshop this weekend.  Members were asked to contribute tapestries made with recycled materials for this workshop.
I cut the packaging in to strips, and also used some old warp as a header and footer.  I particularly like the ends, I purposely kept them not woven in.  You can see some of the other tapestries produced for this workshop here.

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