Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Knitting Progress...

I have been busy knitting away.  Firstly, I can reveal my secret knitting... A drops shawl for my nan.  I used some lovely Vincent van Gogh inspired Opal sock yarn.
This pattern is a good TV knit, as once you get used to the pattern, you can easily knit away in front on the box.  I might have started something with this pattern, as now my mum has knitted a shawl for herself and even made the crochet edge!  Next, I am attempting to make a dent in my yarn stash.  Firstly some Rowan handknit cotton scraps become some Spa Day facecloths.
I really like the texture of the waffle stitch.  And now on the needles, Stjarna stars.  The first few rows are rather fiddly, what with 6 dpns and a circular needle on the go at the same time.
The first one is off the needles, and looks rather cute.  Photos of the finished item to follow!

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