Monday, 18 June 2012

Cute Beasts!

I received the most amazing alpaca bag from Loukr from the Craftster UK only swap.
It is fantastic! I can't wait to show it off at Woolfest this weekend!  I'd love an alpaca or two however, but as we live on the third floor that might not work.  Plus I'm not sure the guinea pigs would appreciate sharing their hay with anyone!  Yesterday we had a walk around Dean Castle Country Park, and got to see some other beautiful beasts.  Including some pretty deer and curious chickens.
A baby llama, sitting so uncomfortably!
 A pretty foal.
Why the long face?
A goat who so wanted to be petted.
Plus can you see who this is hiding in the bushes?
A bushy tailed grey squirrel!
The squirrel then sat and ate seeds along with a female mallard and her tiny chicks.
Adorable!  Now I must get back to my crafting!

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