Monday, 15 August 2011

Magic Feather project...

My aim yesterday was to take part in a day in the life, organised by the lovely Frayed at the Edges. However, I overindulged on Saturday night, which meant that I spent the majority of Sunday snoozing in bed. My craft mojo took until Match of the Day 2 to appear, when I read about the Magic Feather project.
The project is organised by Spirit Cloth, with the aim to collect 1000 stitched feathers from around the world. She asks that the cloth is recycled, luckily I have lots of fabrics that I just can't bear to throw away. I picked this kitsch fabric, it was a top that I wore until it fell apart, beyond repair.I like the bright 70s inspired pattern. For my feather, I picked a plain brown embroidery thread to match the print. My feather can now fly away to New York.

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