Monday, 8 August 2011

Guinea pig wash cloths...

I have been knitting away creating more baby washcloths for gifts using this pattern from Kris Knits. And then I wondered, could I make a different picture? What to do, what to do, I wondered. And then a brainwave, being a cavy slave - a guinea pig!
I made a chart of the even rows, and got to it. The green dots indicate to knit, purl on the blanks and purl on the red dots (I just put the eyes and ears as red to highlight them).
And the result... It is not perfect, but trying to pixelate a guinea pig is quite difficult, what with them being essentially furry potatoes.
I should point out that this guinea pig wash cloth - is not for washing the guinea pigs! As they really wouldn't appreciate that!
This week I am mostly attempting to get organised. So far I have only managed to get my sewing threads in order... Wish me luck!

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