Monday, 14 March 2011

Putting things into Perspective...

Yesterday afternoon we wandered down to David Dale Gallery. It was the last day of the Point/ Line/ Surface/ Solid from Alec MacKenzie and Dan Miller. I could help but think about my current reading for UWA. In the early 15th century, linear perspective was new. Brunelleschi and others pioneered new ways of thinking, using mathematical means and vanishing points. This was revolutionary then. It is strange to think of this as being unknown information at some point. As school children we learn about birds-eye & worms-eye views, and rows of parallel trees merging to one single disappearing point in the distance. I wonder what Brunelleschi would have made of Alec MacKenzie's large trompe l'oeil structures, with moving parts emphasising the perspective.
Alec MacKenzie - Oubliette 2011
Or Dan Miller's work concentrating on mathematical shapes, subtle colour changes and background grids.
Dan Miller - Arithmetic Composition 2010
Continuing on the putting things into perspective theme... Our day to day worries seem quite trivial compared to recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. My thoughts are with everyone affected by the current crisis. On Ravelry there has been a call for knitted squares to make blankets to try to help. See here for more information.

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