Thursday, 31 March 2011

Bunny Power (plus a little guinea pig power too!)

The amazingly talented Carla Sonhiem has a 5 second tutorial on her blog to create Easy Tombo Bunnies! I just had to have a go. Using watercolour paper, a black felt pen & a brush...
I like how the different colours come from the black pen; blues, greys, purple. Now my bunnies may not be anatomically correct, but I think they look happy enough! Though maybe I should add whiskers?
Of course, I couldn't have rabbits without guinea pigs, so here is a cavy...
And yes, I realise he doesn't have any legs, but most of the time guinea pigs look like furry potatoes anyhow! Check out Carla's tutorial and share your bunnies!


  1. Oh how cute! Love them and guineas legs are hardly ever seen its usually just their little feet peeping out :)


  2. What fun! Especially the guinea pig!

  3. I like the general principle and will have a go using my cat as a 'guinea pig'. She is always lounging around the place and deserves to be blogged in felt tip. Thanks for sharing.

  4. These bunnies are breeding as fast as the real thing, popping up everywhere!
    Thanks for your comment.