Thursday, 17 February 2011

Telling Stories

On Sunday we had a wander down to the Market Gallery. This is a little gem on Duke Street. The current exhibition is entitled telling stories, looking at graphic artists and fine artists who use storytelling and narrative to construct their own worlds. I particularly enjoyed those pieces that brought a little bit of Glasgow to life. From Stuart Murray's folk that ye bump intae, to Mitch Milller's amazingly detailed Red Road dialectogram. I liked the eerie imagery of Sorcha Edward's work. It was great to see work from Penny Sharp & Heather Middleton, two contributors to Team Girl Comic. This is a Glasgow based all-female comic collective, that features work from artists of a variety of backgrounds. I'd brought a couple of editions recently at the very lovely Plan B Books. With such taglines as 'indie boys: What they really think' and 'perverts: can you spot 'em?' It is a great read & hopefully it will encourage more women to get involved in comics.
In a related theme, my uncle has just put some of his comics that he wrote in the early 90's on-line. Check out his Super-Zeroes!

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