Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Inventors of Tradition

Scottish textiles are more than tartans, tweeds and Fair Isle knits. A huge textile industry was once based in Scotland. Names such as Pringle, Mackintosh and Ballantyne were synonymous with luxury, and renowned worldwide. This exhibition from Panel and Atelier celebrates this heritage. Archive film footage is shown alongside promotional materials, artists sketches and knitwear. A row of Mackintosh coats line the centre of the room.
The usefulness of this item really hits home in rainy Glasgow, and its range is shown with the standard issue work coat of British Rail sitting side by side designers such as Katherine Hamnett. Complex intarsia knitting patterns, carpet patterns and Singer factory memorabilia are present. Scarves adorn tapestry heads by Elizabeth Radcliffe, with amazing texture detail.
Atelier have created a new collection which fits perfectly in the show, and a book to accompany will follow later in the year.

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