Saturday, 22 January 2011

The Young Ones!

As a youngster at weekends we would often visit my grandparents. Among their video collection was a tape of The Young Ones episode 'Boring' that my uncle had recorded years earlier when he still lived at home. Me and my brothers must have watched this episode tens (possibly even hundreds) of times, and would repeat the lines to each other regularly. I blame The Young Ones for giving me a distorted view of what going to university would be like (in my experience there wasn't nearly as many lentils). I also have The Young Ones to thank for the name of my hamster as a teenager - he was of course called Special Patrol Group.
Before Christmas I noticed that those lovely craftster peeps were having a Young Ones themed swap and I signed up. With my swap partner having received their package, I can now display what I made, inspired by minipops...
A Vyvyan and Special Patrol Group needle case, complete with this on the back...
As an extra special treat I found a copy of the Cliff and The Young Ones single Living Doll. My swap partner lives in the USA, and I'm not quite sure that the legend that is Cliff is quite so well known over there.
From my swap partner h-chan I received a fantastic Special Patrol Group ZhuZhu Pet! He is awesome, or should I say Rick would say bwilliant!

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  1. Love it! I need to check out this swap thing! What a cracking idea!