Sunday, 2 January 2011

Calorie Free Biscuits for the New Year...

Don't worry the health kick hasn't started yet. There are far too many treats in the flat to eat first (let alone a delayed Christmas or two in January).
This felt empire biscuit is for a secret project, shhhh! I'd never had an empire biscuit until I'd moved to Scotland. I had never lived. You know how shortbread is rather sweet; well imagine two shortbread circles, joined in harmony with jam, coated in icing, with a cherry on the top. It should probably carry a health warning.
One interesting fact is that the rather patriotic (and extremely dated!) name of the empire biscuit results in them previously being called German biscuits. Apparently they didn't sell too well with that name during WW1, so had a revamp. Whatever they are called, they are rather tasty.

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  1. You used to be able to cheat and buy Royal Scot biscuits (now sadly defunct) which were used instead of a short biscuit. And if you find an old enough cookery book, they apparently started off as Imperial biscuits. The ones sold in the cafe at the Museum of Religion are particularly fine examples......