Monday, 6 December 2010

Cathedral textiles & not so funny bones...

Firstly this post might take me ages to write. I slipped on the ice yesterday, which resulted in two very bruised knees and a sore elbow. On waking this morning I realised that I couldn't straighten my arm and my fingers were a little tingly. Off to the minor injuries unit I went to discover that I had fractured my elbow - doh! Slight bit of chaos trying to get a cab home in a snow blizzard, but home sweet home now. Fortunately it is my left arm (I'm right handed) but you realise how much you use your arm when you can't! Anyways, as promised, pictures of the textiles I found in Glasgow Cathedral.
An embroidered altar piece.
A seat cover.
Patchwork cloth cover of the shrine of Saint Mungo, by Malcolm Lochhead. And finally a tapestry triptych.
Beautiful textiles all hidden within the cathedral. Now, for my next project, to make a prettier sling - can I use a sewing machine one-handed???

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