Sunday, 16 May 2010

Back to the grindstone...

The first week after any break is always tough. After a small hiccup at the start of the week, where I was tempted to scrap everything and start again, hopefully I am now back on track. Firstly I painted used acrylics to paint cotton & organza. This was not very successful!
Then I looked at the origami crane base again, and made different sizes in paper. I am drawn to the shape of this, but need to explore what happens if there is a contrasting colour on the underside?
Finally a suggestion by Pat Ashton-Smith was layer up pleats to resemble feathers, using three different fabrics I had a rough go. I like how they float over each other.
Kingfishers are very popular this week, as they have become magazine cover stars! Not quite Vogue, but on the latest edition of the Radio Times. Which reminds me to watch a new programme starting on BBC1 today, Halcyon River Diaries as these feathered friends are due to make an appearance!

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