Monday, 18 January 2010

Playing with warp & weft

Finally I have finished my 3rd tapestry sample (though it is not yet cut off the loom!). The idea was to use as many different materials as possible for the weft. Here is the rather messy back before trimming:
The wefts include tissue paper, ribbon, mohair, eyelash yarn, wire, ripped chiffon, carrier bag strips, sock yarn, plastic bag ties, embroidery threads and many more. All this is interweaved with axminster rug wool. Using papers & ribbons I have also been creating some bright & fun weave sample structures.
Getting into the weaving mood, I have been listening to WeaveZine podcasts on the bus. Certainly makes my journey to work more enjoyable! Episode 48 introduced me to Rodrick Owen, and kumihimo and Peruvian braids. I can't wait to try this craft! Another great internet find is The Josef & Anni Albers Foundation website, which not only has an enormous amount of information on this extremely talented couple, it also has galleries of Anni Albers weavings. Interestingly, it was only because the Bauhaus barred women from certain disciplines than Anni reluctantly studied weaving!


  1. Hi. Just wanted to say thankyou for the lovely comment. I love your weaving, the top picture especially and you have used two words that are so great but sadly I underuse them, warp and weft! Thanks for reminding me what great words they are! karen

  2. Looks fun and colourful. We have similar tapestries hanging up in the dressmaking class room. I usually sit before a lovely green one which has leaves and wooden beads hanging off it.