Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Code breaking Chewit Monsters?

My plan to blog at least weekly is slipping... I spent the last few days in my home town of Bletchley (most famously known for its code breaking). The delightfully retro leisure centre is currently being pulled down. It is quite sad to see this iconic (if not rather bizarre) structure with a chunk out of it. I wonder if it is work of the Chewit monster?
A walk round the corner revealed some beautiful mehndi patterns painted on a path. What a welcoming entrance to a house!
Finally thank you to art4moi for introducing me to the work of the artist Ton Schulten. His broad bands of colour remind me of patchwork quilts and are very inspiring. Hopefully by my next blog post I might actually have some work to share!

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  1. Hey thanks for popping by and leaving a comment. What a treat to visit your blog, I have really enjoyed reading back through the old posts. Seeing what you have been doing in your textile course (lucky you, I have always wanted to do a course in textile art).
    Glad you are a new fan of Ton Schultens work too...isnt it amazing. It inspired a felted scarf I made last year and this year will definately influence my slow quilt.
    Another artist I love is Hunderwasser...his use of colour is amazing and his art quite architectural.
    Love the mehndi artwork in the doorway inviting and creative.
    Anyways, look forward to visiting again.