Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Necklace Sketching

Hello, I have been busy drawing, everything & anything. I am starting to see real improvements in the quality of my drawing (and so modest too!). Here are some preliminary sketches, notes & even some mocked up paper beads I made on based three necklaces.
I then worked up a few larger pictures in different media. The picture above is using watercolour paints, coloured pencils and oil pastels.
And here is a collage I made based on one of the necklaces. This is probably my favorite recent piece, though excuse the dodgy camera work! It is made from coloured paper, tissue paper and oil pastels. Still lots more to do before the next posting (as ever!), am looking forward to playing (and getting very messy) with textile paints in the next week of two!

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  1. Good luck with the drawing; I've started a drawing class and a sketchbook class with a similar aim to you.