Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Hieroglyphics with a Bamboo tablet

My aim for February is to draw everyday. So far, so good, I have really noticed an improvement already. However tonight I really didn't feel like getting out the pencils. Instead I had a play around on a Bamboo one tablet. This really is quite a fancy gadget. It comes with a drawing program called Art Rage, which is quite simple to use (you can use it with other applications of course). Art Rage has surprisingly realistic spray paint, oil paint, watercolour etc functions, which are certainly good fun to use (and no brushes to clean either!). For the picture above I drew a reed leaf hieroglyphic shape, creating a stencil, and used the spray painting icon. The gold foil background was chosen to suit. Obviously much more complex work can be done on it, this is only the beginning!

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